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How Much Caffeine is in Your Coffee? (Store by store comparison)

Here’s an interesting comparison detailing the amount of caffeine in the coffee sold by different stores.


See the full story at Thrilllist

Now, if you want to test out the effects of drinking coffee from each of those locations, we recommend sampling one cup from 2-4 establishments each day as this will make you all tickety-boo*.

Results revealed that the risk of suicide for adults who drank between 2-4 cups of coffee each day was 50% lower when compared with adults who drank decaffeinated coffee, very little or no coffee.

*yes, tickety-boo is British and therefore more appropriate for tea but it’s a great expression. What what.

Pin It to Win It Give Away

Here’s a formula to score some goodies from your favorite internet office supply store:

1. Find your favorite writing implements* in our store

2. Pin them to Pinterest with a note on why you like them

3. Post the link to your Pinterest board on our Facebook page (

4. Sit back and wait till Pi Day (you know when that is, right?). We’ll send one lucky person the writing implement of their choice.

* By “writing implements” we basically mean pens, markers, highlighters and the like. But if you’re one of those funky pinter-etsy people who writes with clay, stickers, paperclips or whatever–go ahead, pin those.

BeGReen VBoard Whiteboard Marker

Pilot G2 + Mont Blanc Ink Refill = Cheap, Amazing Pen [Wired]

As noted in the article, this has been around for a while but it was only when Wired posted the story last week that I finally sat down and tried it….Wow! I love this mutant pen. I’ve been using it for a week now and it is perfectly weighted and the ink is, well, delicious.

Check out the Instructables video on Wired: Pilot G2 + Mont Blanc Ink Refill

And the parts for this grand subterfuge:

Pilot 31027 G2 Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

The humble yet wonderful Pilot G2

Montblanc 107882 Rollerball Pen Refills

The aristocratic but affordable MontBlanc refill