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Unusual Office Supplies

I was reading the wonderful Office Supply Geek blog the other day and came across his review of a battery operated eraser. I discovered we carry an uber-powerful model, the Koh-i-noor  Rechargeable Eraser (KOHE1200) and it got me wondering what other unusual products we carry. How about a left-handed notebook?

Left Handed Notebook

Along with half (or more) of the US Presidents I am left-handed and I don’t know if Righties can fully appreciate how painful it is to have a beautiful new notebook in front of you but as you put pen to paper, you have to deal with the spiral binding forcing your hand up from the surface. The notebook levels the playing field…at least until you start writing on the back of the first page.

Friday aFternoon Fill-up

Check out this competition from UPS posted by HON on twitter (@HONcompany):

A chance to win an office furn. makeover, featuring our Vicinity™ work storage, or even $100k –

You can win a $10,000 office makeover! Also take a look at HON’s “Environmental Journey

Baumgartens made clear their green credentials also in announcing their new web site: